Donation Requests

Donation/Event Request Info:

Thank you for your interest in Burnbox Spring Hill. We are honored to give back and partner in the community. Due to a large number (as many as 80 per month) of individuals and organizations asking for donations/partnering/events we will do our best to help out as many as possible. The earlier you get your request in, the better chance you have (but it is not a guarantee). We would recommend at the very minimum 6 weeks before.  Thanks again for thinking of us.

Criteria for our decision making on donation requests:

– How far in advance is the request

– How much is being requested

РProximity to the restaurant 

– Is it somehow connected with youth, education, military, or veterans

– Is it a non-profit

– Is it possible to get our logo on your promotional material

– Is there any opportunity for us to have a presence at your event, bring the cow?

– Do you have a budget? For hot food could you purchase 1/2 and we donate 1/2